Together, it means pure strength.
— Catherine Forte

Catherine Forte (born Catherine Waczek), is a 23 year old singer-songwriter, musician, and performer. Born into a musical family, Forte has been writing her own music and performing since the age of twelve.

Formerly known as Catie Ryan, she self-recorded and released a 7 song EP on Bandcamp in the summer of 2013, just after graduating high school.

While attending UCSD and pursuing a degree in Human Biology, she formed the lively acoustic/alternative duo CATIE + KEVIN with her younger brother and filmmaker, Kevin Waczek. Together they released two songs, "Tally Ho!" and "Déjà Vu" on iTunes and Spotify with Lion Bold Records. Leading the duo, she performed all over San Diego, CA and opened for The Mowgli's and Kina Grannis. 


A big move from San Diego, California to Tokyo, Japan leads her to return to her roots as a solo artist, now under the name Catherine Forte.

Why Forte? When asked, she explains: "my time in Tokyo has been a time of growth, re-development, not only musically but individually and spiritually... if I could describe how I see myself now, it's stronger. In French, the word for strong is 'fort'. The French meaning of my name Catherine is pure, or clear. Together, it means pure strength."

Forte is excited to display her new, strong self through her music and from the sounds of her past growth from Catie Ryan to CATIE + KEVIN, her fans are also excited for what's in store.